Compassion for the people in the Boston Marathon Massacre


Our heart goes out to the people in the Boston Marathon, United States. For the Children we must be strong and force ourselves to see peace…Let ourselves see the world we saw when we were young… the beautiful world before we knew anything about ourselves or our psychology or society, prejudice and hatred. The world where rainbows made us smile and birds were so miraculous we cried because we ourselves had forgotten how to fly and we did not know the words to ask why. The time before we knew how to use those words to place explanations on everything and only knowing of a world cradled from suffering and pain. We must not be afraid, for we have lived so much longer than some and each day alive is the only day to live for. We have seen the beauty of life that must always exist and we must protect it for all mankind. It is not good enough to accept freedom as our birthright and say nothing of those enslaved. We cannot allow the world to perish. Evil cannot prevail. Acts of terror like the one in Boston are done by individuals, supported by organizations who do not represent their people, but who will believe and act without thinking. We will not allow our governments to divide us because we are people, not puppets and we believe in each other before we believe in the media or follow divisive doctrines. We do not blame those people who’s governments have enslaved them. We hold shame over the governments who would not see all people free. We wish all mankind to not lose hope so we we will find a solution for government and not government finding a solution for us as they make people the problem. We cut the strings of the puppet masters we pay for our bondage and take our world back. We as people will say, “We’ve had enough. We will not let our governments label the people as the problem and will identify those people who rule as despots and depose them.”   If not for ourselves, for the children, so that they might never see the hell which evil brings.


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